LIYC South Cruise Update July 10, 2020 Lopez Island Yacht Club South Cruise July 31 – August 9th Hello everyone! Well, with the low interest for the South Cruise there are some changes on how the reservations will need to be made. It will beContinue Reading

Fishing the San Juan’s is always fun. Catching provides the bonus of a great dinner. 2020-2021 Sport Fishing Rules Download and read the annual fishing pamphlet, which details rules and regulations statewide. Check for any emergency rule changes affecting the species or location you’re fishing. Download the Fish WashingtonContinue Reading

Ahoy Yachties. Here is the photo and bio of our newest potential member to the Yacht Club. If, after this post is up on our website for two weeks, and there are no objections the general membership, then Steve will become an official member. He’s aContinue Reading

Report from the Rear: I’m sure it comes as no surprise that planning the North Cruise this year would be met with many travel and reservation challenges during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.   So therefore, the tentative itinerary (see below) I have put together may look a little different from theContinue Reading

LIYC’s very own Audrey Bordvick, has captured the club’s moments in 2019 in this latest installation of the Year in Review for our club members. Enjoy!Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Hello Fellow Yacht Club Members. Wanted to reach out once again to try to make sense of and do some planning for our yachting future in the year of the COVID 19. And also want to bring you up to speed on the LIYC BoardContinue Reading

Shanley Lett

Remembering Shanley Lett She pulled us together. Winter potluck or summer party, you’d be approached by a cheerful woman in a visor, camera in hand. “Wait, stop,” she’d say, gathering us closer for a photo or two. Now, at a time when we’re kept apart,Continue Reading

First viewed in 2012, this archival gem is back to entertain, make us smile, feel connected. Another excellent Audrey Bordvick production.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Hello Fellow Yacht Club Members, I want to bring you all up to speed on what’s happening, what’s going to happen, and what’s probably never going to happen. First off, the terribly sad news. I wrote to you last month that on the heels ofContinue Reading

Tom Andrewes, 1st Place

The 2012 inaugural sailboat race off Lopez Island.  Eleven boats competed for the “Lopez Cup” sailing from the Day Marker outside the entrance of Fisherman Bay to a mark near the South end of San Juan Island.  Watch the video which include the race results.Continue Reading

Rodman Duncan

akaThe Rodman Duncan Memorial Race The Bar to Bar Race was revived in memory of Rodman Duncan, our well loved and respected friend. It is well known that Rodman was one of the charter members of the Lopez Island Yacht Club and its second Commodore.Continue Reading