A few photo’s from Bingo Night. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 ST5:00 PM Happy Hour6:00 PM Dinner LIYC will be holding our September Membership Meeting at the Islander.Let’s get together and share our summer stories and play Bingo! Bingo for usstands for: Bilge-Inboard-Navigate-Gunnel-Outboard!!! We will have prizes forthe winners.Click >HERE< to order,ContinueContinue Reading

NOTICE OF RACE AND SAILING INSTRUCTIONS 12th Annual LOPEZ CUP CLASSIC YACHT RACE Sponsored by the Lopez Island Yacht Club  and the Lopez Islander Resort  Saturday, September 9thst, 2023 Winner: Shillelagh from Friday Harbor. Rules: The race will be governed by these sailing instructions and the International Navigation Rules ofContinueContinue Reading

Day 1: Attached are some photos I took from today’s leg from Lopez Island to Ganges Harbor. We had a great sailing day with 15 knot winds and current in our favor. The morning clouds burned off around 9am and we had beautiful sunny weather the whole day!  -Melissa DayContinueContinue Reading

Ahoy Mates, This year the Commodore’s Cruise will take us to Roche Harbor in June.    You might wonder:  Why in June? Initially, it seemed to me that it should be very easy to choose both a date and a destination for the Commodore’s Cruise.  However, as my time to decideContinueContinue Reading

Ahoy! Summertime Is Cruise Time!  Let’s Go! Dear mates,  In the delightful realm of our Lopez Island Yacht Club, where the sea breeze dances with the laughter of our friends and the waves whisper tales of nautical mischief, resides the sometimes enigmatic figure of our Rear Commodore.  The Rear CommodoreContinueContinue Reading