Article by Rodman Duncan(Originally published in the November 2008 Newsline) The Lopez Island Yacht Club is celebrating 30 years since its founding in 1978. Although to this founding member it seems like only yesterday, many brain cells have come and gone since then, and the memory of those early daysContinueContinue Reading

Shanley Lett

Read All About It . . . The Newsline was published each month for much longer than the archives included here. These printed versions were mailed out to the membership each month. When the first club website went online, the publications were also posted on the Newsline page as pdfsContinueContinue Reading

This article was reprinted from the 8/30/1978 issue of the “Island Record.” Happy Birthday LIYC! The first meeting of the Lopez Island Yacht Club was on August 20, 2078. 2018 marked the clubs 40th birthday. Robina Bant (2nd from the left) was the new club’s first commodore and is theContinueContinue Reading