Commodores Corner

Monthly recaps of club activities, events, BOD meeting news, announcements, anecdotes, peppered with pearls of wisdom.

Ahoy! Anchoring in Community and Gratitude Dear Mates, The year 2023 wanes, its days numbered like the leaves fallen from the trees around our lovely island home. I sit, reflecting on the events passed, their memories like the sea’s waves, unceasing and relentless in their passage. Our fun and interestingContinueContinue Reading

Ahoy! Summertime Is Cruise Time!  Let’s Go! Dear mates,  In the delightful realm of our Lopez Island Yacht Club, where the sea breeze dances with the laughter of our friends and the waves whisper tales of nautical mischief, resides the sometimes enigmatic figure of our Rear Commodore.  The Rear CommodoreContinueContinue Reading