Heed the call of the blue waves!

Dear mates,

As I stand on my dock, the scent of brine fills the air, mingling with the whispers of adventure. The waves extend their slender fingers, enticing me to embark upon their cerulean path. Their song, a symphony of distant places and untold tales, resonates within, awakening the spirit of the intrepid wanderer. Sometimes I am captivated by the mystique of our restless waters, their vastness a canvas for my dreams. Adventure lies on that island in the distance, where the sky meets the water, beckoning me toward an unknown tale.

Brace yourselves, my fellow mates, as we navigate the seas of history, where Thomas Jefferson, that astute captain of words, embarked on a daring quest – the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. Picture these writers of our history: Jefferson, the helmsman, at the forefront, but not alone. With him, a trusty band of merry men: Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Robert Livingston. Together, they hoisted the sails of rebellion, their pens slashing through the waves of tyranny.

As the President of Congress, it was only fitting that John Hancock made his mark in grand fashion. His signature, a bold and audacious stroke, resided at the heart of the document, the very center of attention. And so it came to pass that whenever we speak of signing our names, we invoke the name of John Hancock himself. “Put your John Hancock,” they say, for a bold signature befitting a true sailor of the pen.

Independence Day, conspicuously, should have danced upon the waves of July 2nd, 1776. That was the actual day congress, in a momentous decision, cut ties with Great Britain. Yet, in a curious twist, the document itself bore the date of July 4th. Ah, the tangled web of history!

It was not until August 2nd, a full month later, that all hands were on deck to sign their names, sealing the fate of our newborn nation.

In a letter to his beloved Abigail, John Adams predicted the glory that Independence Day would hold in the annals of American history. He proclaimed that parades, bonfires, and fireworks would light up the night sky. A visionary, he was known to shun 4th of July invitations, protesting the celebrations he had foreseen. In his correspondence, he bestowed July 2nd as Independence Day, a defiant nod by that seafaring soul to the dance of dates upon the waves of time.

But fate had its own game to play. On the 50th anniversary of our nation’s birth, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, those two stalwarts of liberty, took their final breaths on July 4th, 1826. And James Monroe, that sturdy shipmate, followed suit, departing his mortal coil on the same date, five years hence.

Listen closely, my hearty crew, for there’s more to this tale. Once, Independence Day found it’s harbor on July 5. In 1779, when the holiday fell upon a Sunday, the good people postponed their revelry by a day, ensuring that the celebration could set sail on the following morn.

Here’s a tidbit that’ll tickle your fancy! Calvin Coolidge, that sly buccaneer, was the sole president born on the 4th of July. A serendipitous birthdate, methinks, surely lending a gust of wind to his presidential campaign.

And for my final message of joy and jubilation upon the decks of history – in 1778, those brave soldiers received a special treat upon the 4th of July. George Washington, that stalwart captain, raised their spirits by granting them a double rum ration – liquid courage to fuel the fires of freedom.

As darkness falls in our Lopezian night sky this July 4th, let’s savor our special fireworks display tradition. Like a spark that lights a bonfire, the first firework shoots into the sky. As we hold our breath, waiting for the explosion of colors and the crackle of the night… Boom! Pop! Sizzle! The sky becomes vibrant with red, white and blue as all around Fisherman’s Bay the “Oohs and Ahs” commence. It’s a time to celebrate, to connect, and to find joy in the sparkle of the night sky. It’s an opportunity for us to come together to appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

I gotta say, our club’s summer cruising tradition is something special. It brings folks together, sail boats and power boats alike, all gathering around the dock and on our boats to celebrate being on the water and the joy it brings. We had a merry bunch of club friends at Roche Harbor for the Commodore’s Cruise in June. When we docked our boats, the festivities began. Everybody brought their smiles, their laughter, and their sense of community. So here’s to the Commodore’s Cruise and all who made it a special affair! Cheers mates!

May our waters continue to call us together, year after year, as we celebrate the bonds we’ve formed and the memories we’ve made. A toast to all of you brave LIYC seafarers!
Everyone keep ship-shape! I’ll meet you here again at Commodore’s Corner next month!

Commodore Jan

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