Hi, we are Dmitry Titov and Nadya Titova. We fell in love with Lopez in 2005 and bought a house on Whiskey Hill Rd. We did it in part because the community had a dock – and we enthusiastically helped the HOA board during the meeting in 2005 to justify rebuilding of the dock with composite planks on walkways, to ensure it lasts longer – but we didn’t have a boat back then! 18 years later we finally got our Ranger Tug R-23 and are happy to join the boating community. We are looking forward to cruising San Juans and maybe a bit further. Fishing and crabbing is also very much of interest, even though we have a lot to learn (hopefully by watching the experts!).  Almost every time we come to the Whiskey Hill Dock a harbor seal comes up and looks at us, as if checking out what we are doing there 🙂 . We named him (not sure it is ‘he’) Buddy and we said hi to him every time 🙂 

To the Membership:

Please say hello to Nadya and Dimitry and welcome them into the club.

In accordance with the club’s By-laws, they have completed all the requirements of sending in their application, initiation fees, photo, etc. Publishing their photo and bio is the last step in the process. After ten days for comments from the membership, the governing board will vote for for membership.

Members can send comments to our Commodore, Jan Wagner

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