Migael Scherer

Aren’t we all ready for some laughs together? In honor of April Fools Day, let’s tell each other as many boating-related jokes as we possibly can!  A Call To Action . . . Write out your joke and email it to me (migael65@gmail.com) by April Fools Day, Thursday April 1. All joke stylesContinueContinue Reading

This year Santa received 19 letters from Lopez Island Yacht Club members. As Santa’s representative, I read four a of them at this year’s Holiday Gathering on December 20. Here are all the letters I received for Santa. Of course, I’ve passed them on to him, and hope that allContinueContinue Reading

As Soundings editor I need your help! Please write a short letter to Santa asking for something your boat wants or needs for next year’s cruising season. I’ll compile your letters into the next Soundings article: “Letters to Nautical Santa”.  Keep your letter short—5 sentences max—and email it to me (migael65@gmail.com) by FridayContinueContinue Reading

It shouldn’t be a surprise that many of us were able to enjoy cruising despite this summer’s Covid restrictions. Isn’t boating all about navigating changing conditions? We’re used to watching the weather, double-checking the anchor, wearing life jackets and following Rules of the Road.  Still, this summer was different. “OfContinueContinue Reading

Shanley Lett

Remembering Shanley Lett She pulled us together. Winter potluck or summer party, you’d be approached by a cheerful woman in a visor, camera in hand. “Wait, stop,” she’d say, gathering us closer for a photo or two. Now, at a time when we’re kept apart, memories of Shanley connect us.ContinueContinue Reading