Aren’t we all ready for some laughs together? In honor of April Fools Day, let’s tell each other as many boating-related jokes as we possibly can! 

A Call To Action . . .

Write out your joke and email it to me ( by April Fools Day, Thursday April 1. All joke styles welcome: knock-knock, good news-bad news, puns, groaners etc.

A Couple of Sailors Walk Into a Bar . . .

Now you finish it, or send me one of your own or one that you think will bring us a chuckle. You will not be judged … (wocka, wocka)

Photo Credit: Marjorie Collins

I’ll compile your jokes into the next Soundings article: “A Couple of Boaters Go into a Bar”.
As an example, here’s my joke:

Among boaters there are two types of liars: Those who say they’ve never gone aground . . . And those who say they never will again.

Migael Scherer

– Migael Scherer
Soundings Editor

Migael Scherer is the author of four books and numerous essays that range from the literary to the practical, including “A Cruising Guide to Puget Sound and the San Juans.” An experienced mariner, Migael and her husband lived aboard a sailboat for 35 years and now makes her home on Lopez Island. She is a contributing author to the Newsline.

Struggling with Jokes Today?

You’ll just have to put up with this one liner !

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