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Submitted by Dusty Forster on 1/25/2022

Out trolling for salmon off Big Rock when we captured this photo of a sailboat in the fog.

Editor’s Note: I think that’s an Olson from Fisherman Bay.

Table Decorations by: Nancy Butte

It’s a little nippy to be sailboating in January, but not for this clever marshmallow snowman who found navigating around the table tops at the January Membership Dinner a breeze. Despite the low turnout, maybe the lowest on record, all 17 yacht club members were able to meet and greet in person, immerse themselves in rich conversation, and enjoyed a great dinner service. Thanks to Nancy Butte, a long time member, who stepped up and added some cheer to our tables at our first membership meeting of the year. Submitted by Judy Welker on 1/20/2022.

Submitted by: Barry Crist

Frostbite Regatta which I participated as crew on “Elsewhere” this weekend (Jan 14-16, 2022).  The conditions were light but enough to move the boats around, sometimes, we grilled off of the back of the boat, and did some Orcas Island socializing.  

1st Annual Frostbite Regatta Sponsored by OIYC

WW: This was organized as a “Clean Regatta” as described in these links, and whose goals resonate with our own club. Check it out:

Sailors of the Sea

Clean Regattas

Green Boating Guide

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    Hi Barry, welcome to the club. I love this photo which looks dismally cold. Great name of the Regatta (Frostbite). I recognize that cold steely look the water gets, deceptively calm. Judy Welker

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