Ahoy sea faring club members! What has normally been the North Cruise has been turned upside down and has become the South Cruise. Old timers in the club, talk of how the “South Cruise” was the norm for many years, then in need of fresh experiences, the club started cruising North to Canada. Then that became the norm. Everyone loves cruising North, but that is not possible yet. So this year the “old” South Cruise, is now the “new” South Cruise. We hope you take a few minutes to look at the itinerary and consider joining us for what will be an invigorating and memorable trip.

Then get in touch with me about making reservations and additional details. My contact info is at the bottom of this post.

*Note: Illustrations (NWCrusing.net) are not intended for navigational purposes.

July 23, 24 – Port of South Whidbey Harbor, Langley

Port of South Whidbey Harbor of Langley. Coordinates: 48° 02’ 13” N 122° 24’ 06” W
VHF Channel: 66A
228 Wharf St Langley, WA 98260
Website: portofsouthwhidbey.com
Contact: Patrick Boin, Harbormaster:
Email: harbormaster@portofsouthwhidbey.com
(360) 221-1120
Approximate distance from Spencer Spit Bay Lopez Island to Langley: 40.4 NM 

July 25, 26, 27 – Port of Seattle Bell Harbor Marina

Port of Seattle Bell Harbor Marina.Coordinates: 47° 36’ 32.64” N, 122° 20’ 47.40” W
VHF Channel: 66A
2203 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98121
Website: portofseattle.org
Contact: Michael Cink, Harbor Operations:
Email: cink.M@PortSeattle.org
(206) 787-3952
Approximate distance from Harbor of Langley to Bell Harbor Marina: 29.6 NM 

July 27, 28 – Dock Street Marina, Tacoma

Dock Street Marina.
Coordinates: 47° 14′ 46.07″ N, 122° 25′ 57.71″ W
VHF Channel: 78A
1817 Dock Street, Tacoma, WA 98402
Website: dockstreetmarina.com
Contact: Sherri Hall, General Manager:
Email: sherri@dockstreetmarina.com
(253) 572-2524
Map of Dock Street Marina
Approximate distance from Bell Street Harbor to Dock Street Marina: 25 NM via East Passage 

July 30, 31 – Port of Olympia, Swantown Marina

Port of Olympia Swantown Marina
VHF Channel: 65A
Coordinates: 47° 02′ 46.41″ N, 122° 54′ 18.00″ W
1022 Marine Dr NE Olympia, WA 98501
Website: swantownmarina.com
Contact: Mallory Arnold:
Email: mallory@portofolympia.com
(360) 528-8049
NOTE: Group Reservation # 12388
Approximate distance from Dock Street Marina to Swantown Marina: 34.9 NM via Drayton Passage 

Aug 1, 2 – Longbranch Improvement Club at Filucy Bay

Longbranch Improvement Club at Filucy Bay
Coordinates: 47° 12’ 56 N, 122° 45′ 28″ W
5213 Key Peninsula Hwy SW Longbranch WA 98351
Website: licweb.org
Contact: Katie Harrison Dockmaster:
Email: tightlinesandsunshine@gmail.com
(253) 202-2056
Approximate distance from Olympia to Longbranch: 16.7 NM 

Aug 3 – Des Moines Marina

Des Moines Marina
Coordinates: 47° 24′ 06.15″ N, 122° 19′ 57.70″ W
(206) 870-9370
22307 Dock Ave S Des Moines WA 98198
Website: desmoinesmarina.com
Contact: Ashley Young Facilities Manager :
Email: ayoung@desmoinesmarinawa.gov
(253) 740 2141
Approximate distance from Longbranch Improvement to Des Moines Marina 24.4 NM 

Aug 4, 5 – Port Ludlow Marina

Port Ludlow Marina
Coordinates: 47° 55.5’ N, 122° 40.8’ W
Channel: 68
1 Gull Dr Port Ludlow. WA 98365
Website: portludlowresort.com/marina
Contact: Cari:
Email: cari@portludlowresort.com
(360) 437-0513
Approximate distance from Des Moines to Port Ludlow: 40.3 NM 

Aug 6, 7 – Port of Port Townsend

Port of Port Townsend: Point Hudson Marina
Coordinates: 48° 6.96’ N 122° 44.88’ W
VHF Channel:
103 Hudson Street Port Townsend, WA 98368
Website: portofpt.com
Contact: Chuck
Email: pointhudson@portofpt.com
(360) 385 2828
Approximate distance from Port Ludlow to Port Townsend 13.0 NM 

Aug 8 – Back to home port

Approximate distance from Port Townsend to Fisherman’s Bay 29.4 NM 

Make reservations sooner than later

Moorage availability will depend on how soon we commit to various locations. Please contact me to let me know your intent. In most cases, you will be making your own reservations, but I may have some additional information or more recent updates to share with you.

Looking forward to an awesome South Cruise,

~ Jan Wagner

Rear Commodore Jan Wagner

Rear Commodore, Jan Wagner

Email: edenwild@comcast.net

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