Lopez Island Fireworks Donation

Lopez Island Fireworks Donation


Lopez Island Fireworks Donation

Supporting the fireworks show not only contributes to a memorable and enjoyable experience for all residents and visitors, but it also showcases our commitment to the island and its events. By donating, our yacht club members can actively participate in enhancing the island’s cultural and recreational offerings, ultimately strengthening our bond as a community and enhancing the overall quality of life on Lopez Island.

Choose in increments of $10.00.  Donations are earmarked for Lopez Island Fireworks show. Lopez Island Yacht Club will presents one check to the Fireworks Committee annually. Please consider adding a donation to your annual renewal. 


Lopez Island Fireworks Donation

Donate to our local Lopez Island Fireworks show to:

  1. Foster community spirit and unity.
  2. Preserve a cherished annual tradition.
  3. Create joyful and lasting memories for families and friends.
  4. Support local organizations and community initiatives.
  5. Increase visibility and positive exposure for our yacht club.

Your donation makes a difference in enhancing our community and showcasing our club’s commitment to giving back.


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