11th Annual


Sponsored by the Lopez Island Yacht Club 

and the Lopez Islander Resort 

Sunday, August 21st, 2022

Rules:  The race will be governed by these sailing instructions and the International Navigation Rules of the Road applicable to the San Juan Islands.

Divisions:  All yachts will be divided into two classes based on their handicap. Class B will be the higher rating yachts. Class A the lower rated yachts. Final determination of classes will be assigned by e-mail notification prior to the race and based on number of entrants and handicaps. Yachts may sail with a spinnaker or without. Handicaps will be adjusted accordingly. If you have not raced your boat in this race before and have not been assigned a PHRF rating you must contact me by phone or e-mail in order to calculate your start time. Previous entries are on page 2 with their start times. 

Communication and Check-in:  The race committee boat will monitor channel 72 VHF prior to and during the race. All entrants must check in prior to 12:45 PM with boat name, make of boat, and sail number, either via radio on channel 72 or by sailing past the committee boat and hailing. Any changes to these Sailing Instructions will be announced on VHF channel 72 and repeated at 12:45, following the time-check. 

Time Check: At 12:55 PM Race Committee will announce on Channel 72 that a time check will be at 1 PM. At precisely 1 PM a horn will be sounded by the committee boat to co-ordinate times for all boats. Each entrant should start their stop watch at this time. A horn will be blown for the start of each successive start thereafter. All horn signals will be preceded by an announcement on Channel 72 vhf.

The Course:  The starting line will be at the red day marker at the entrance of Fisherman’s Bay  Channel to a Coast Guard mooring buoy located in a cove at the very south east end of San Juan Island near Cattle Pass. The co-ordinates of the buoy are: 48 degrees, 28 minutes N and 122 degrees, 58.7 minutes W. From the Coast Guard buoy return to the starting line at the red day marker at the entrance to Fisherman’s Bay channel. Finish between the red day marker to starboard and orange buoy to port (or the committee boat). The total distance of the course is 8.6 miles. All yachts are warned to change course as soon as you finish and avoid the shallow water to the east of the starting line.

The Start: A Pursuit Style race start will be utilized with the highest PH rating boats starting first and the scratch boat starting last. The start will be between the channel entrance day marker and an orange buoy (or a committee boat). The start sequence will be announced at the skippers meeting. However, it will be similar to last year for the following boats: 

  1. Cape Dory – start 1300 hrs.
  2. Ranger 20 – start 1305 hrs 10 seconds
  3. Folkboat 26 – Lilla – start 1306 hrs 24 seconds
  4. San Juan 23 – Lanna Ann – start 1309 hrs 02 seconds NFS
  5. San Juan 24 – (NFS) start 1311 hrs 11 seconds, (FS) 1312 hrs 55 seconds
  6. Alberg 35 – 1313 hrs 29 seconds (non-flying sails)
  7. Bayfield 29 – start 1315 hrs 54 seconds
  8. Swiftsure 24 – start 1316 hrs 20 seconds
  9. Tashiba 31 – start 1317 hrs 55 seconds
  10. Raven 24 – Shillelagh – 1321 hrs 04 seconds
  11. Ranger 29 (NFS)– 1320 hrs 47 seconds
  12. Catalina 34 – 1320 hrs 47 seconds
  13. Olson 25 – 1324 hrs 13 seconds
  14. Colgate 26 – Cassandra – 1324 hrs, 30 seconds
  15. Alerion Express – 1324 hrs 30 seconds (non-flying sails)
  16. Moore 24 –  Hummingbird – 1325 hrs 21 seconds
  17. 5.5 meter – 1325 hrs 47 seconds
  18. Martin 242 – Crazy Eyes – 1325 hrs 47 seconds
  19. 23’ day sailor – Slipper – 1325 hrs 47 seconds
  20. Pyramid 660 – 1327 hrs 31 seconds
  21. Catalina 320 – 1327 hrs 57 seconds
  22. Erickson 34T – 1328 hrs 29 seconds
  23. Etchells –  Wailau – 1329 hrs 23 seconds (non-flying sails)
  24. J/70 – 1330 hrs 06 seconds
  25. Etchells – Valkerie – 1332 hrs 15 seconds
  26. Left Coast Dart – 1333 hrs 07 seconds
  27. Olson 30 – 1333 hrs 41 seconds (non-flying sails)
  28. Davidson 29, 1333 hrs  58 seconds
  29. Melges 24 – Speedster – 1335 hrs 15 seconds
  30. J/111 – 1342 hrs 34 seconds

The Finish:  The finish line will be between the red day marker at the Fisherman’s Bay entrance channel to starboard and an orange float (or a committee boat) to port. 

Time-Limit:  The time limit for finishing the course will be 1800 hrs.  

Protests:  There will be no format for a formal protest or a protest committee. We are operating on the honor system. (just like golf) If you foul another yacht, take your 360 penalty turn and continue racing. 

Skippers Meeting:  There will be no skippers meeting for this event. You must notify Russ Johnson of your intent to race along with the name of your boat, the make, and phrf rating. Any questions you might have please call Russ Johnson at 425 418-9487. Or e-mail captainrussj@gmail.com. I will notify each entrant of their start time by e-mail prior to the race. Also, the race committee will have the list of start times. 

Entry Fee: There will be a $15 entry fee for Lopez Yacht Club members and $30 for all others. $15 will be subtracted from the initiation fee of the club should any non members choose to join the club at a later date. Please send your entry fees by mail to Russ Johnson at 465 Davis Bay Road. Lopez Island 98261. Or you may make payment to the committee boat prior to the start. The committee boat will have a fish net to snag your checks or money. Send only checks by mail.

Awards and after race party:

Our gracious host Bill Diller is still providing the following prizes: 

1st Place each class – Dinner for two and a bottle of wine

2nd Place each class – Islander happy hour drinks and appetizers for two. (2 drinks, 3 apps)

3rd Place each class – Islander happy hour drinks and appetizers for two. (2 drinks, 3 apps)

There will be trophies awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each class. The trophies and the dinner/appetizer vouchers may be picked up at the Lopez Island Resort front desk anytime after the race. If you are joining from San Juan or Orcas Island just hang around the committee boat after you finish if you think you have placed and they will fish net your trophy over. 

Additionally the overall winner will have his name engraved on the Lopez Island  Cup, a perpetual trophy that will reside in the LIYC room at the Lopez Islander Resort.

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