Do you feel the irresistible allure? That sun-kissed fever?

Dear mates,

Warm sunshine this past week gave me the fever! It was the kind of fever that had me itching to make a beeline to the marina. So it was, with an unquenchable fire in my soul, that I ventured to our cherished vessel, S.S. Discovery, or – as Belinda and I actually call her – DiscoVery. I was armed with a kaleidoscope of cleaning supplies, and the determination to restore her to her full resplendent glory. It was the intoxicating influence of those solar rays, or maybe the cosmic heavens themselves, that had conspired

The brilliant orb in the sky filled me with almost boundless energy and an uncanny sense of purpose.
As I scrubbed and polished, S.S. DiscoVery began to metamorphose, the layers of winter grime and
neglect slowly peeling away to reveal a gleaming testament to the spirit of adventure that she so effortlessly embodies. With each stroke of my brush, the fever that had seized me grew hotter, more intense, until it reached a crescendo that could only be tempered by the cool reality that I was feeling exhausted, and done-in, way sooner than I had anticipated. But you know what? There will always be somewhere on the boat that could really use a good swabbing, and the irresistible enchantment of our lives on the water always keeps pulling us back to it.

And so, with the reluctant sun as our witness and the fever of a few sunny days coursing through our
veins, we are preparing the boat to embark on yet another thrilling summer of cruising, to lose ourselves in the enchanting labyrinth of islands and channels that lay around us, like a siren song, beckoning us to cast off our earthly shackles and cruise headlong into this great seascape of ours.

Like the salmon feels the inexorable pull of its home waters, calling it back to its spawning grounds, we boaters feel a powerful urge to cast off our lines and let our charts guide us to some enchanting shore.

It is a primal, deep-seated longing that is embedded in the very essence of our being, a magnetic force that draws us towards the sea and the freedom that it represents. Like the salmon, often we must navigate our way through a veritable gauntlet of obstacles and challenges to reach our destination. For the salmon, it’s the swirling rapids, the hungry predators, and the seemingly insurmountable waterfalls that stand between them and their ultimate goal. For us, it is the tangle of everyday responsibilities, the unpredictable weather, and the endless parade of boat maintenance tasks that threaten to keep us moored to the dock. The salmon’s unswerving determination to reach its spawning grounds is nothing short of awe inspiring. Similarly, our resolve to break free from the constraints of land and embark on another island-hopping adventure is a testament to the indomitable spirit of our boating community.

Making it real often takes an unwavering sense of purpose for us, along with gratitude for our camaraderie, and desire for the adventure, fueled by a deep and abiding passion for the environment we live in and all of its boundless possibilities.

Our LIYC 2023 Opening Day Weekend events start this Friday with a cocktail party at 4:30 p.m. at the Islander Tented Deck/Clubhouse featuring complimentary appetizers, a no host bar & BYOB on the dock. Come and raise a glass to our boating friends, those spirited, fun- loving, and ever-resourceful comrades who make every LIYC club event fun. We will also be doing a meet and greet with our friends from the Friday Harbor Sailing Club.

A variety of events are scheduled Saturday including the exciting 4th Opening Day Challenge between LIYC vs Friday Harbor Sailing Club in Fishermans Bay. The race begins at 11 a.m. followed by dinghy races at 1 p.m. New boat christenings will be at 3 p.m. If the weather is decent, there are rumors of a margarita contest on the docks at 3:30 p.m. The afternoon crescendos to a grand culmination with Smash Burgers & More at 4:30 p.m. which is back by popular demand! Dinner reservations for Saturday are required. If you still need them, make your dinner reservations now so that Dusty and Sam have a good idea of how much food they will need to bring! Go to the Ship’s Store tab under Membership on our LIYC website to make your reservations. Dusty can help if you need help with website login or have other website questions.

Heads-up, if you have not logged on to our LIYC website for awhile! Please login and get familiar with it. Importantly, check out the Club Calendar. Dusty puts a lot of information there for you about all of our Club Events including fun and exciting events that aren’t mentioned in this newsletter that you might not hear about anywhere else!

Mark your calendars for these upcoming

  • Ling Cod Derby, May 27. Contact John Zaborsky for details.
  • LIYC Clam Bake, June 4. We will meet at the Flat Point Club House for this year’s event. As always, the Clam Bake is a potluck affair and will feature 0ur traditional red chowder from Arlene’s kitchen and Melissa’s white clam chowder. Mmm! Plus Brian Duncan will provide his incredible home brew! What a party! The Clam Bake is always a perfect opportunity to discuss summer cruise plans with friends.
  • Commodore’s Cruise, June 16 & 17. Two weekends after the Clam Bake will be the Commodore’s Cruise to Roche Harbor. Get in touch with me if you have any questions about this cruise.
  • North Cruise, July 10 – August 6. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in an amazing, well-organized cruise to paradise. Hopefully, you already have your reservations made! Contact Melissa Rohde for details.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support and for keeping the ongoing LIYC traditions alive! Everyone keep ship-shape! I’ll meet you here again at Commodore’s Corner next month!

Commodore Jan


  1. Anyone thinking about a Desolation Sound trip of less than four weeks? I’m considering a version about two weeks long and would like to be part of a small group. If interested, please contact me and let’s see if we have a similar trip in mind.
    Steve Kaiser

    1. Steve, get in touch with Melissa our Rear Commodore. She might have this info for you.

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