The Lopez Yacht Club held its first meeting of the 2023 sailing/racing season on January 18th. A schedule of racing and events was proposed, and the following dates and responsibilities assigned:

  1. Opening Day Challenge. This event is to be held on Opening Day of Yachting Season, Saturday, May 6th and may run over into May 7th depending on the number of boats involved and races required. The racing is between Lopez Yacht Club vs Friday Harbor Sailing Club and it is the 4th year of this event. It will be a series of races in Fishermans Bay. The sponsors and organizers for this event will be Nancy and Glenn Griley. We will be using Vanguard 15’s generously provided by Todd Twigg. Nancy and Glenn will update the membership when event plans are finalized. They will also be looking for volunteers for safety boats, and photo boats as in the past.
  2. Bar to Bar Race. There was some discussion about starting the Bar to Bar Race (also known as the Rodman Duncan Memorial Race) again. Todd Twigg has offered to organize this race and will update us at later with the time and date of the event. 
  3. Cruiser Cup. There is a lot of enthusiasm between the big boat sailors to have a two-day event that would involve a race to another island, stay overnight, and race home the following day. Joe Golberg is the sponsor of this race and participation would also involve Nancy and Glenn Griley and Mo and Barry Crist. The event is scheduled for May 20th and Joe will provide details soon. (Look for an update by Joe on the website)
  4. Lopez Cup. We will once again have a Lopez Cup Race. This will be the 12th annual event for this race. Your race committee chairman, Russ Johnson will be responsible for organizing this event. This race is scheduled for September 9th
  5. LIYC/LIFRC Kids Program. The Race Committee, eagerly led by Dusty Forster, is in discussions with the Family Resource center to revive the kids sailing program. Mike Kamiskas is a certified teacher and has agreed to help with this ambitious program, with the able assistance of Todd Twigg and possibly former organizers Corky Searls, John Butte, and Paul Hendrikson. 

Errors of omission, spelling, and grammar courtesy of Race Committee Chairman, Russ Johnson

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