Summertime Is Cruise Time!  Let’s Go!

Dear mates, 

In the delightful realm of our Lopez Island Yacht Club, where the sea breeze dances with the laughter of our friends and the waves whisper tales of nautical mischief, resides the sometimes enigmatic figure of our Rear Commodore.  The Rear Commodore is the maestro presiding over our summer cruise schedule.  A custodian of club tradition and guardian of nautical etiquette, the Rear Commodore is the glue that binds our sea-loving cruising community together and is an essential pillar of our distinguished yacht club.  

Our illustrious Rear Commodore, Melissa Rohde, orchestrates this year’s fabulous summer cruise. Cruising with fellow yacht club members allows us to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for boating and sailing. It’s a chance to create thrilling and unforgettable experiences.  The camaraderie and friendships formed during these cruises can be long-lasting and deeply rewarding.  Additionally, while exploring different places together we can gain valuable knowledge from experienced sailors within the club, whether it’s navigation, boat handling, or seamanship.  Summer cruising offers a serene experience.  Being out on the water, surrounded by nature, can provide a sense of peace and rejuvenation.  Whether it’s watching breathtaking sunsets, enjoying the gentle sway of your boat, or listening to the sound of lapping waves, cruising can offer a much needed escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  I hope that you can participate in an organized cruise this summer; however, what matters is to get out on the water.  You can choose your own destination, chart your course, and explore at your own pace. 

Times change, and over time the club changes.  However, our Rear Commodore always plays a vital role in coordinating the harmonious dance of social affairs while taking on the sacred duty of fostering an atmosphere of revelry and joviality. Igniting the passion and dedication of our members as they inspire us to participate in club events and cruises, the Rear Commodore ensures that the heartbeat of the club remains strong and resilient. 

Just as the heart pumps life-giving blood to every corner of the body the Rear Commodore infuses the club with energy, propelling us forward and securing our continued vibrancy and common purpose.  Like the heart, the Rear Commodore acts as a central hub, connecting members while fostering a sense of belonging that beats in harmony with the club’s identity.  

With each beat, they infuse us with a sense of togetherness making sure that the heart of the club beats strong and true, maintaining the rhythm of our traditions and fostering a sense of pride among our members.  The Rear Commodore is vital in sustaining the spirit that courses through the club’s veins.

When I volunteered as Rear Commodore in 2021, I discovered a deep sense of satisfaction from becoming one of the custodians of LIYC’s legacy.   Witnessing the camaraderie of members and the expressions of joy on their faces as they participated in the variety of experiences of that summer cruise was a great reward in itself.  

I am genuinely grateful to each of you who volunteers or has volunteered in the past.  Your precious time and energy keep our LIYC community alive and thriving!  Caring about volunteer participation and doing it reflects a commitment to our club’s sustainability.  Moreover, volunteering provides diversity and cost-effectiveness while also promoting leadership development skills.  As your Commodore, my responsibility is to shepherd the process of finding a new Rear Commodore for 2024.  Let me know if you are feeling moved to be our Rear Commodore!  Please do get in touch with me if you have any questions, comments or ideas.

Consider that without committee chairs, trustees and officers, our club would be like a vessel adrift without a compass, a ship lost amidst a sea of solemnity.

Without volunteers, our club would struggle to provide the services and experiences that as members we enjoy.  All of our volunteers play a crucial role in maintaining the harmonious dance of social affairs within this nautical haven of ours. Be sure to come out for the ClamBake this Sunday at Flat Point.  There will be various discussions going on about summer cruising plans.  LIYC ClamBake,  June 4.  We will meet at the Flat Point ClubHouse for this year’s event.  As always, the ClamBake is a potluck affair and will feature 0ur traditional red chowder from Arlene’s kitchen and Melissa’s white clam chowder.  Mmm!   What a party!  The ClamBake is always a perfect opportunity to discuss summer cruise plans with friends.   Bring utensils and maybe a folding chair.  And please remember when you are on the road to Flat Point – DRIVE SLOWLY! 

The Commodore’s Cruise is June 16 & 17 to Roche Harbor. Get in touch with me if you have any questions about this cruise. 

The big North Cruise, July 10 – August 6.  This will be a unique opportunity to take part in an amazing, well-organized cruise to paradise.

Hopefully, you already have your reservations made!  Contact Melissa Rohde for details.

Please check out the LIYC website for more info about any LIYC events both past and future!

And now for a recap on the Ling Cod Derby from John Zaborsky:

“The Derby was a great success!  I think we had 22 people fishing.  Bryan Velasquez caught the winning fish as a guest on Brian Krantz’s boat.  The WDFW rules require any Lingcod over 36 inches to be released, and Bryan Velasquez’s fish was precisely 36 inches.   A lot of smaller fish were released, and some nice fish were taken home for dinner.  Dusty’s boat did release a 40 incher and Scott Jennings and Russ Johnson got the first blood on Russ’s new boat with nice dinner fish.  InSide Passage Yachts provided T-shirts to all the participants with a very cool Graphic that Dusty made for the shirts.  It was a great first fishing event for the Club, and I look forward to next year.”   

Thanks John for that recap of the derby!

Thanks to each and every one of you for your participation and support which keeps the ongoing Lopez Island Yacht Club traditions alive!   Dusty has put some pictures on the web, but the award dinner was fun, with about 40 in attendance.

Everyone keep ship-shape!  I’ll meet you here again at Commodore’s Corner next month!


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