Welcome aboard 2023 LIYC! Happy New Year

Dear Lopez Island Yacht Club members!

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Jan Wagner and I am honored to be your new 2023 Commodore! This year you will see me at the club helm along with the unwavering support of following intrepid Governing Board: at Vice Commodore we have Bj Christensen, new on the board this year is Rear Commodore Melissa Rhode, our Secretary is Arlene Sund, Treasurer is Lane Langford, Staff Commodore is Dusty Forster, and rounding out the board is Trustee John Zaborsky! Your loyal LIYC crew also includes the following Appointments: Membership Committee Chair Barbara Carver, Race Committee Chair Russ Johnson, Email List Guru Lane Langford, Reciprocals Chair Dave Welker, the new position of Fishing Chair John Zaborsky and our new (and used) webmaster Dusty Forster. 

I respectfully walk on the shoulders of all of the LIYC Commodores who came before me. However, I do rely on the experience of past Commodore Dusty to guide me into the job this year along with the support of all of the others on the board.  It takes the whole LIYC crew to maintain this club, keep the ship moving in the right direction out of bad weather and away from lurking shoals.  

Further, I wish to send a sincere message of gratitude to Judy Welker for the amazing job she has done as Webwench over these past years. Judy has done a ton of work creating and managing the club website growing it and making it better. Consequently, it was a really big lift to try to find someone to fill her shoes.  

Thanks Dusty for stepping into that role! There probably aren’t many members who could even manage it.  WebDude!?   Let’s all please show our appreciation for all of these past efforts by logging onto our LIYC website at least once a month.  It is a fun, informative and very useful place to check into club activities, member posts, calendars, etc. 

2023 is going to be another memorable year of club meetings, dinners, presentations, events and of course – club cruises! Including another incredible summer north cruise which Melissa has already started planning… stay tuned in!

Bj has been busy planning membership dinner presenters too!  So if you’ve ever asked the question:  “Water we doing here?! 

-Below is a list of proposed dates for some of our upcoming events:

Jan 19:  Membership dinner.  Mexico theme and dinner menu.  Jim McBain will present “Voyage from Grenada to La Paz”

Feb 16:  Membership dinner.  Richard Rodriguez, Tow Boat US.  Topic:  tow boat insurance and rescues   performed.  

March 16:  Membership dinner. (our presenter for the evening is not yet confirmed but we will keep you posted)

April 20:  Membership dinner. Leslie Richter, our club member’s topic:  “A Journey to Antarctica” Discover the planning and the adventure!

Well, that’s a-boat it for this month here at Commodore’s Corner! I’ve worked off some calories here and now it’s time for my daily dose of vitamin sea!

Cheers! Jan

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