The days are getting longer and summer cruising is getting closer!

Ah, dear mates,

Being an active member of the Lopez Island Yacht Club includes the very essence of boating adventure. The salty sea air, the sound and feel of waves lapping the hull, the wind in your sails, all combine to make our club a true gem on our unique and special island. We are fortunate to live in one of the most bountiful and beautiful archipelagos in the world. To be a member of this esteemed organization, one is privy to a world of merriment and camaraderie, where seafaring souls come together to revel in the beauty of being on the water in a profoundly spectacular environment. The laughter and storytelling that takes place around the tables of our membership meetings, the docks, decks and cockpits during our club cruises, is enough to warm even the coolest hearts. We make memories in the process that will be treasured for a lifetime. If you seek adventure, excitement, and a community of like-minded individuals, look no further than our own Lopez Island Yacht Club. Join us, dear friends, and bask in friendships both on and off the water. Share the mutual appreciation of our place in time and space and a unique and fulfilling love affair with our bounty of beauty. 

Whether you are a power boater or sailor, please be sure to read Russ’s sailing report! Russ is spearheading the club’s ongoing effort to maintain a high level of interest and participation in the club’s sailing events. Although I own a powerboat, I always have a ton of fun at the sailing events. Get on your sea legs! The upcoming Opening Day Challenge is the weekend of Saturday, May 6. Let us show our true colors and be there for the race and support our LIYC sailors as they set out to take back the cup from the Friday Harbor Sailing Club! It really is great fun to participate.

Our January membership dinner meeting was a fun and entertaining. Belinda and I were in Mexico and Bj presided over the meeting. Thank you Bj! Lane did a great job of presenting the budget and somehow managed to do it in a way that was not only informative but also entertaining! Our newest member is Steve Kaiser. Welcome aboard Steve! The upcoming February 16th membership dinner will feature Richard Rodriquez from Tow Boat US. It will be another informative and useful presentation and another fun evening. Just thinking about the menu that night and that prawn pasta dinner makes my mouth water! I will be in the bush on the headwaters of the Nile River in So Sudan in February so Bj will again host host that meeting. For March and April dinner meetings we plan to get back to our beloved potlucks!

Have you had a chance to check out Melissa’s schedule outline of this summer’s North Cruise? It’s choc-a-block with exciting and enticing destinations up into the waters in and around Desolation Sound. The North Cruise offers a rejuvenating experience and diverse range of outdoor activities besides boating from hiking to kayaking to whatever floats your boat. Renowned for stunning natural beauty with verdant forests, rolling hills and sparkling waters warm enough for swimming, it offers a breathtaking escape from the stress of everyday life. Whether you are looking to unwind, explore, or simply spend time on the water with friends and loves ones, a cruise like this one will be a summer experience like no other!

In case you haven’t received the news about our new fishing committee, the first meeting was held last Friday. Fishing events promise to be a really fun addition to our all hands on deck roster. You know of our ancestrally derived traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle? Well, Captian Russ has come up with an idea for a Catcher-Gatherer Derby. With that catchy title who could resist? Stay tuned for exciting news, information and about upcoming fishing events!

Finally, we are such a respectful and courteous community that it goes without saying that we should continue to maintain our covid protocol. We all know to remain mindful and do everything we can to ensure that we do not have covid or any communicable disease when we come into contact with fellow members either at membership dinners or at events out on the docks. Unfortunately, covid is still spreading and there are still super spreader events happening. Let us remain hunky-dory and make sure that our LIYC functions avoid that.

Everyone keep ship-shape and that should tide you over here at Commodore’s Corner until next month!

Commodore Jan


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