Howdy, Lopez Island Yacht Club

Fall is here; I have put the boat on the Hard for the winter, but there is always some great boating in winter, and I hope many of you can take advantage of the quieter waters this winter.

Covid made this a challenging season as we had to change all our traditional events. Every one of our events had to be modified to accommodate Covid restrictions. At first these changes were disappointing, but as I look back on the season, they worked out so well Im sure we will incorporate many of these in the future.

The Buffet at the Islander for Opening Day turned into about 200 Smash Burgers on the Dock.

See more photos of Opening Day here in the Photo and Media Gallery.

Clam chowder at Flat Point ended up being Tacos at the Golf Course.

Pictured here are the winners of the event’s golf tournament, Bill White, Doug Cram, and Mike North.

See more photos of the Golf Course / Taco / Game Day in the Photo and Media Gallery.

The North Cruise went south, and many of the attendees told me the South Sound was one of their best cruise experiences. The Fisherman Bay Raft up turned into Wine and Cheese on the Glory of Seas. We had some fun Zoom meetings, that would have been better in person, but they kept us in touch. As we slowly see things open up, we hope to have many more options for fun events next season. Please send photos of the South Cruise to the Web Wench.

With that said, the year is not over, and either is Covid, so Im sure we will continue to adapt. Our next event on October 23rd is the Halloween Costume Party Hosted by Dusty and featuring his Spooktacular Chill & Ghost Cornbread Muffins. We are asking that only people that are fully Vaccinated attend this indoor event at Golf Course. Please RSVP to by October 15th.

Stay tuned for an announcement on the Christmas Party. It is planned to be an in-person dinner on December 11th, so book the date in your Calendar.

If you have any questions or suggestions, give me a shout.

~John Zaborsky

John Zaborsky
LIYC Commodore

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