Hello Lopez Island Yacht Club Members.   

I hope this finds you well as we start looking forward to the start of the boating season.   Covid continues to impact our meetings and outings.  The Board is currently working on Low-Risk social activities, as I’m sure you have seen the flyers.   One of the issues is that we cannot have indoor group dining, so we are working on outdoor activities that allow social distancing and personal flexibility.  

The one thing that I miss the most, is meeting our new members in person.  I don’t think we will have the ability to gather as a large group to introduce the new members, so please, everyone, wear your name badge at upcoming events and seek out our new members.  With that said, please welcome our latest members Bryan & Michelle Nelson Meet Bryan & Michelle Nelson – Lopez Island Yacht Club. They got the official okie-dokie at the last board meeting, and Im looking forward to meeting them soon.  

Vice Commodore Dusty Forster, Treasurer Lane Langford, and Race Chair Captain Russ Johnson have put an incredible amount of work into this year’s Opening Day Activities. Here is a quick summary of events (See Dusty’s Opening Day Post for details).

I would encourage people to bring their boats to the Islander. We can cook on our boats or bring take-out down to the dock Friday night.  If the Islander has not exceeded 50%, small groups could have dinner at the Restaurant. See (See Dusty’s Opening Day Post for details) and for reserving dock space for your boat.

Safety Check: Lane Langford langford1130@gmail.com is still accepting reservations for the Coast Guard Boat Safety Check on Friday, April 30th at IMC, The Islander, Whisky Hill, and Spencers Landing. See Lane’s post for complete details on the Safety Check Event

Vanguard 15

Sailboat Race: Captain Russ Johnson captainrussj@gmail.com is still accepting entries into the LIYC Sailboat Race Saturday, May 1, starting at 11 am.   Russ has borrowed a couple of Vanguard 15’s  Vanguard 15 – Wikipedia and encourages as many entries as possible.   If you are not confident in your sailing skills, I bet we can find a world-class sailor to help you.  More race info and how to participate.

Boat Christening: If you have a new to you boat, please bring it down to the Islander Saturday for the 3 pm Christening.   RSVP John.zaborsky@gmail.com

Sailgate: Presented by Chef and Vice Commodore, Dusty Forster and crew.  Food and Non-Alcoholic Drinks provided by LIYC on the Islander Docks.   Please RSVP to dustyforster@gmail.com let him know if you will have a boat there or eating on the dock to allow us to manage food and dining space.   This is a  BYOB event, but you will find the Vessel Growler full of beer and wine; please stop by.

Beyond Opening Day . . .

South Cruise: Rear Commodore Jan  Wagner, edenhill@comcast.net , is working on plans for a North Cruise that goes South.  He is still working on the details and looking for input from members.   The yacht club seldom goes South, so the plan is to explore the incredible sights of the South Sound. He has a reasonably aggressive agenda but has put many two-night stays to give Slower boat more options.  Personally, I’m looking forward to running down to Olympia. It is a great area, and lots to do close to the marina. Please let Jan edenhill@comcast.net know your thoughts; he needs to get an idea of the number of boats that would do part or all this cruise.


 South Cruise Itinerary

NOTE: Milages are very rough estimates

Day 1: July 23:  Langley Marina – Whidbey Island (47NM from Fisherman Bay)

Day 2: July 24: Langley Marina – Whidbey Island

Day 3: July 25: Port of Kingston Marina – Kingston (21NM from Langley)

Day 4: July 26: Bell Harbor Marina – Seattle (downtown waterfront) 

Day 5: July 27: Bell Harbor Marina – Seattle (18NM from Kingston)

Day 6: July 28: Dock Street Marina – Tacoma (behind Chihuly Glass Museum)

Day 7: July 29: Dock Street Marina – Tacoma (24NM from Bell Harbor)

Day 8: Swantown Marina – Olympia

Day 9: Swantown Marina – Olympia  (32 NM from Tacoma)

Day 10: the Race to Fisherman Bay or take your time going north lots to explore in the south sound.  

In closing, I will say that your Commodore has not come up with a plan for a Commodore Cruise.  I had planned for Sydney in June, but that is not going to work; even if they opened the border. I’m thinking there will be requirements that make it hard to cross.  So Im working on a plan B may be Victoria In September.  Let me know your thoughts.  

~John Zaborsky

John Zaborsky

Commodore John Zaborsky
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