Hello everyone, 

I have scheduled this year’s Vessel Safety Inspection with the Friday Harbor Power Squadron to be Friday, April 14th, beginning at 10:00AM. 

A big thank you to Ann Einboden for doing this for us for the past few years! 

We will do it the same way, beginning at the Whiskey Hill/Galley dock, then the Islander dock, followed by IMC. After that, usually by noon, we are ready to head over to Spencer’s Landing and finish up by 2:00PM. I will send you a list of the required documentation and equipment that you will need to have ready for the inspection. 

What I will need from you is: 

1) Your name

2) Boat Name

3) Type of boat

4) Location (please be as precise as you can, especially at Spencer’s Landing).

5) Contact phone number

Remember, this costs you nothing, and your reward for passing the safety inspection will be a beautiful sticker that you display on your boat window to let the Coast Guard know that you have passed for the year and do not need to be pulled over and boarded for inspection. 

More details to follow. 

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to a beautiful boating season!


Lopez Island Yacht Club 

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