Member Handbook

Member Handbook


Handbook:  One time purchase – includes binder, club bylaws, reciprocal partners, spare member application, and updated inserts


Member Handbook Should Be Handy

Take it from experienced cruising enthusiasts.  It is handy to have one booklet at home, and another on your boat.  Sometimes, you just have to refer to the booklet where the roster is kept to remember a name of a member, or boat, or cell phone number,  when you are on a cruise.  Your at the dock, but you haven’t gotten your Wifi password yet, but you have to engage in conversation with a member that you’ve talked just last wee, but now you just can’t (at the moment) remember their name.  Don’t get in these situations.  Buy another booklet for your boat. (Or print the roster, and keep it on your boat).

Additional Info

New Club Members:

This booklet is given to you as part of your introductory membership.


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